Lizzie Bewick

Freelance Producer / Director
I am a confident and innovative filmmaker with strong creative vision and editorial judgement. I’ve worked in the independent film sector and across the broadest range of the BBC’s natural history output, consistently delivering bold films with compelling stories and epic drama.

I have extensive experience of working in many different programme formats – from live outside broadcasts set deep within Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Reserve, to 4K underwater productions using a whole gamut of cutting-edge technology to follow and film some of the world’s ocean giants, such as blue whales and whale sharks.

My particular forte is producing animal/people formats, including character-led productions, such as the internationally acclaimed Big Cat Diary. Although people say, “never work with animals and children”, I’ve done that too, and enjoyed every minute of it!

I’m at home in the field roasting in a tin can of a Landrover, waiting for what seems like a lifetime for a lion to do something (anything!), or in an edit suite, writing while editing, getting the most out of each story, every step of the way. Although an experienced and confident team leader - mine is a collaborative approach to filmmaking; I’m interested in listening to others’ ideas so that my team comes away with the best stories, shot and cut in the most innovative of styles and having had the best experience right the way through production.

For information about my availability, or my CV, please email me.

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